Vex in Silence

To Whom It May Concern, I am writing you concerning the incident that occurred on the day of April 28th between Sedona, Arizona, and Boulder, Colorado. I know I am in a lot of trouble, but I am sure if you hear my side of the story, my punishment won’t be as severe. I cannot… Read more Vex in Silence


The flashing red and blue lights burn their filthy likenesses into the back of my skull. My piece rests on the passenger seat in its holster back in the car. As I chase them, my feet slap hard against the pavement down the dead end alley. They slow to a jog. They turn to face… Read more Crickets


The Skin The tracks on his arm scream. No job, no responsibility, the waiting unbearable. Twenty-four hours of nothing but time. He gropes about with blind yellow fingers. Months’ worth of accumulated garbage rots on the linoleum. Rodents and bacteria abound. His veins cry with the aplomb of an infant hungry for mother’s milk. Stiff… Read more Scapegoatopia

Lead by following…

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