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Category: Fnord U.

WTF is Chaos Magick?

“Do you believe then that the sciences would have arisen and grown if the sorcerers, alchemists, astrologers and witches had not been their forerunners?” -Nietzsche Chaos Magick was born during the late 1970s with the publication of Peter J. Carroll’s Liber Null, Ray Sherwin’s The Book of Results and Ramsay Duke’s ThunderSqueak. Chaos Magicians (sometimes referred to as “Chaoists” or “Chaotes”) operate from the assumption that our belief systems can be used pragmatically to alter probabilities, and to ultimately shape reality, to our will. This assumption is empirically verified thanks… Read more WTF is Chaos Magick?

Discordian Internet Liberation Front (D.I.L.F.)

Discordianism became the heart of the most influential libertarian novel since Atlas Shrugged, though its libertarianism is not always recognized by more economistic libertarian movement types: Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson’s Illuminatus! Trilogy. –Brian Doherty Radicals for Capitalism, pg.328 There has been much written on Discordianism, so I am not going to rehash too much since I suppose you can google it yourself. Suffice it to say that many of the founding fathers of Discordianism, especially Kerry Thornley, Greg Hill, Camden Benares, and Robert Anton Wilson (RAW), were very… Read more Discordian Internet Liberation Front (D.I.L.F.)

George Carlin: Discordian?

Discordian St. George Carlin had a massive impact upon my life. I never met the man, mind you, I just really enjoyed his stand-up. In fact, he was the first comedian that I ever I saw live and in-person. I was 16 living with my dad in Denver and I rallied a bunch of my friends at the time to see him during his “Doing It Again” tour. I suppose it is only natural (and/or serendipitous) that Carlin was connected to another guy that I never met but whom also… Read more George Carlin: Discordian?


I’ve long been fascinated by anomalies (those pesky facts that challenge long ensconced belief-systems or “B.S.”, for short). While researching my Anomaly back in 2009 I stumbled upon the Remote Viewing work of Harold Puthoff, Russell Targ and Ingo Swann. In one of Swann’s books he recounts his experiences as a test subject in one of Elmer Green’s bio-feedback experiments for the Voluntary Controls project at the Menninger Institute in Topeka, Kansas. As the legend goes, some Buddhist magicians had a method to amplified their magickal operations that included meditating… Read more CPORTAL

Conspiracy! Finding Whatever You’re Looking For

Look and you will find it – what is unsought will go undetected.—Sophocles In a world where people escape deeper from first-hand experience into the “Matrix” of video games, online porn and social media, is it really surprising that brands and identity politics have so easily supplanting principled, critical thinking? In capitalist economies you die from abundance (obesity, diabetes, etc.), in socialist economies you die from waiting in line. Ennui triggers a vestigial paranoia that would have long gone extinct in this age of abundance if it didn’t continue to… Read more Conspiracy! Finding Whatever You’re Looking For