I’ve long been fascinated by anomalies (those pesky facts that challenge long ensconced belief-systems or “B.S.”, for short). While researching my Anomaly back in 2009 I stumbled upon the Remote Viewing work of Harold Puthoff, Russell Targ and Ingo Swann.

In one of Swann’s books he recounts his experiences as a test subject in one of Elmer Green’s bio-feedback experiments for the Voluntary Controls project at the Menninger Institute in Topeka, Kansas. As the legend goes, some Buddhist magicians had a method to amplified their magickal operations that included meditating in front of a Copper Wall while a bar magnet was suspended above their heads. Here’s Green on the origins of his experiment:

“When I was a student in the department of physics at the University of Minnesota, I had read about the use of a copper wall that meditators would sit in front of to induce deeper meditative states in the book called “The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnet. ” It occurred to me, if people were meditating in a really potent way, they may very well be generating electrical voltages in their body.”

They built a simple Faraday Cage to test gender differences when exposed to different magnetic polarities (a Faraday Cage is a simple metal enclosure designed to block electro-magnetic energy from either entering or leaving). The findings from Green’s experiment allowed him to test the results of feedback from the human body’s bioenergetics but what really intrigued me were Swann’s subjective experiences. He noticed some very powerful effects after meditating in the Faraday cage built by Green (tangentially, it is important to note here that this Copper Wall/Faraday Cage may also function as an Orgone Accumulator, with its polished reflective copper walls serving as a Psychomanteum as well, if you’re into that sort of thing).


Anyway, I have been very interested in the work of the aforementioned researchers, in addition to the works of Fritz Albert Popp, John Hagelin, PEAR, SRI, Dean Radin, Chaos Magick, et al, with regards to the role of consciousness in quantum physics. With all this in mind, I set out to conduct my own copper wall experiments. Here’s how we built our own Copper Wall/Faraday Cage/Orgone Accumulator.

My friend and Masonic lodge brother Joe M. helped me build out my design. Basically it is a five-walled (floor included but no roof) copper Faraday Cage that sits upon glass blocks (to separate the Earth’s electro-magnetic field from the user’s own EMF). I hang a simple bar magnet above the user per Greens specifications although Green used an expensive magnet from an old MRI machine which was a meager 14 Gauss. My magnet is still weak at 1,200 Gauss but significantly more powerful than Green’s. Also I figured it needed a fancy acronym (it probably doesn’t) so I dubbed it:

“Collapsing Probability Observer Receiver-Transmitter Amplifier & Lense (CPORTAL)”

Here’s some photos of the final product and its construction:

Inside the CPORTAL

I will be using primarily on days with a geomagnetic activity when the K Index is at a 5 or above since research has shown there is relationship between geomagnetic activity (GMA) and psi, and at 1pm local sidereal time according to the research of James Spottiswood (you can calculate yours here. ). For a more detailed survey of the academic psi research see here, here and here.