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Category: Pomes

American Avenue

On a hot racist afternoon Under the swollen skies of June The City is Hell & I live here as well. La ciudad no es justo. Lamentado gusto. Euphoric whore fondles her breasts in the street. Taste my sweat, salty and sweet. Alcohol vapors drift from the mind of an old fool Man-made mares destroy the eternal renewal. Here there is so little time & so much to do, Here we are, American Avenue.


Free as I fly over a solid sea The liquid night embraces me The horizon reveals ransom specks that lie & mock consciousness. From 33,000 feet civilization imprints itself into the colors and striations of Earth like circuitry into silicon, the fractal nature of life ruthlessly chasing the instruments of perception at every level of granularity. Subatomic particles are the new Gods dying only when their explanatory power wanes. Maya, dukkha, trance, tools, neurons… To fly, one must first let go of the branch.


Music is the forgotten echo of your mother’s heartbeat and the light at the end of the tunnel is the birth canal.


When life is monstered we live as priests deciphering groans from other beasts. Cytoplasm voodoo screams from the womb of gentle dreams. The pliant shackles of Womyn’s tummy are stronger than nu-clear honey. I try to sleep in my bed, but I think myself awake instead. Let me tell you what her head it said, “I’m gonna be me, do what I do -swallow you silently.” She wears my face on her hip a funny taste I bite my lip. I don’t ask where she’s been because she’s willing to… Read more Drive


Some ceilings have swords which pierce the abyss + when the actors come in it peels off their skin. They stare so hard they see it move. Their skull turned out is the living room. All pricked by the pin have a chance to lose their sin. For we all fear what lies beneath the mask of skin.

Two Three

2 plus 3 equals 5. Five is the Roman numeral V. Hold up your fingers in the V for victory or peace sign, and your 2 fingers spread upward while the other 3 fingers bow down together. V on the Periodic Table has the atomic number 23. This element, Vanadium, was named by the Swedish chemist Nils Gabriel Sefström from the Old Norse word Vanadís, which is another name for the Norse goddess of beauty and fertility, Freyja. Vanadium is in the anion Amavadin found in the psychedelic mushroom Amanita… Read more Two Three


I eat you eye and belly tether I eat you, die and life together. I eat this paper and these words. Tasty munny Plastic turds You should be glad slavery is a fad so are you, your kids, mom, & dad. I eat to live to be hungry. I’ll admit feeding feels good. Blood, bread + butter. I’m not crazy just misunderstood.