When life is monstered we live as priests

deciphering groans from other beasts.

Cytoplasm voodoo screams

from the womb of gentle dreams.

The pliant shackles of

Womyn’s tummy

are stronger than

nu-clear honey.

I try to sleep in my bed,

but I think myself awake instead.

Let me tell you what her head

it said,

“I’m gonna be me,

do what I do

-swallow you silently.”

She wears my face

on her hip

a funny taste

I bite my lip.

I don’t ask where she’s been

because she’s willing to take my skin

Two are one

and one is three

for a minute Eternity.

I know nothing forever lasts

but before we began our time had passed

it was all a ruse

-a way to make me lose

my way.

I’m a cock

In an asphalt cunt

driving my life away.